Sunday, July 21, 2013

Black, White & Tan

I've been dreaming up small cross-body bags for the longest time. After a few epic failures (lumpy seams, wrinkly flaps, etc.) I finally succeeded in making a prototype. This is the first finished bag I made using this pattern. By placing most of the seams on the outside edge, I was able to create a lovely, rounded shape, without the lumpiness of an interior seam.
 I've had a fixation with small bags lately- the type of accessory you add to complement your outfit, and carry just your essentials. I always seem to fill a bag completely- be it a tiny clutch, or a massive shoulder-bag. There are always a million bizarre things in there, with no rhyme or reason.
With this in mind, I knew I wanted to start using smaller bags. As long as it can fit your wallet or cards, a phone, and keys; what else is really needed?

Black, tan and white colorblocking in full-grain leather. One of my favorite combinations for bags and shoes. I especially love the contrasting textures of the leather- the black is heavily pebbled, the white lightly grained and matte, and the tan has an almost unfinished feel.
More coming soon! :)

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