Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Blues- Wishlist Edition v. Thrift Edition

I just started using Polyvore, and I have a feeling it may become a new addiction.. It's full of countless designer pieces I desperately crave.. It's basically a shopping guide to the entire internet.

Here's Summer Blues- wishlist version.
The total cost of this outfit is $3,800+. Gorgeous, unique pieces- especially the Peter Pilotto skirt. His entire collection is fantastic, and very distinctly his own.

Summer Blues

IRO 100 leather jacket

Peter pilotto

Proenza Schouler suede handbag

VC Signature snake skin purse

Here's my more attainable take on the same look. Of course it's not as lovely as the designer set, but at just over $260, the saving of $3,500 starts looking quite nice.. I'm one of those people who values craftsmanship & high quality materials- while on a budget. Ideally, I would choose most of the lower-cost items, and mix in one designer piece- like the Proenza Schouler bag (hypothetically, of course, as I'd have to take out a loan or sell a kidney..) 
Since I've been working with leather, I've developed a real aversion to the fake stuff, and even heavily-finished genuine hide. Leather goods and shoes should also last years with care and occasional repairs- most of my clothing only lasts until my first run-in with a coffee or some red wine.


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