Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midsummer Sale

Fantastic vintage Bally bag. For sale HERE

Perfect for.. well, everything.
I'm a big fan of bally, sling backpacks, and black with gold hardware.
I love how relevant this style still is!

I've been hanging onto this gorgeous bag for ages now, planning outfits around it, daydreaming about vacations on which I'd use it (touring Lake Como, cafe hopping in Paris).. 
Of course it just ended up hanging around, sad and unused. I'm one of those people who accidentally destroys nice things.. I've never managed to keep a white shirt white for longer than 12 hours, or a bag lining free of spilled makeup. In fact, the other day I reached into my bag to grab my wallet.. and pulled my hand out coated in a fine orange powder that was once a B-vitamin supplement. I'm actually a bit afraid to delve deeper.

So it's time for some mid-summer cleaning.

I also just added this beautiful silk midi skirt to my vintage site here. It's Miss O by Oscar de la Renta.. also vintage 80s/early 90s. And utterly, stylishly fabulous.

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