Friday, August 2, 2013

Last day of the giveaway!

Final day of the giveaway for this fantastic tank! Enter here!

I've had a great time running this giveaway- my first! I had never imagined I would get such an overwhelming, positive response from people.. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments on how they would style it! It's amazing how many unique ways you all have come up with! I have about a million of these tanks (every time I mess one up, I throw it in my drawer!) and I need some inspiration on how to mix it up. Really. I get into fashion ruts. Some pieces of clothing are just too comfortable. 
Anyway, I will be doing more giveaways, hopefully at least one per month. Most of these items will be designed and made by me.. I do everything by hand, using small batches of materials. So even if I make more than one of an item, I never make more than a handful. 
xx Char


  1. Hi! Patti won- here's the announcement:
    I emailed her, but she hasn't claimed it yet.. I will do a re-drawing from all the names if she hasn't responded in a couple days! If I have to choose a new winner, I'll be sure to write a blog announcement and send an email. (And I'll be writing clearer rules on my next giveaway!)

  2. UPDATE:
    Patti HAS claimed it- I've been having a glitch with my email, and didn't get her response until now! So the giveaway is definitely closed.. (and I feel a little bit silly..)
    Check back later this month for a new one! :)