Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High Impact

Here's a new treasury of items I put together on Etsy. Some of my top October favorites.. Oddly enough, I've never actually bought anything on Etsy- I've had this feeling that it could escalate into a dangerous habit. I may start out small, with holiday gifts and chocolates. (For myself..) 
The slightly dark/gothic slant perfectly reflects my late fall/early winter mindset. And what better day to embrace it, than Halloween? I think I'm just stylistically circling back to where I started- as a slightly goth/punk 5th grader. Never underestimate the importance of the formative years- I have a feeling that throughout my life, I will always be drawn to spikes, studs, and black leather. Better than a childhood spent wearing twinsets and Lilly Pulitzer, I imagine..