Monday, August 12, 2013

Denim & Studs

I was very excited to find this top with tiny conical spikes along the shoulders. I got it in England 12 years ago, and wore it for a while before being told it was not school-appropriate. It's also a little bit sharp.. So it disappeared in amongst my stuff, and just resurfaced recently.
It didn't start out as a crop top, so something clearly has changed! I'm guessing that I must have washed it badly- or I've morphed into the green giant. 
(Making a top like this would be a fantastically easy DIY project..)

The belt is one of my favorites- it's vintage 80's, made in Italy. It has silver and gold studs, Greek key embossing, and Medusa heads. It's 100% Versace style.. And unfortunately, the gold paint on the back that had a maker's name has worn off. I spent ages on Ebay, looking at vintage Versace belts, many of which had similar gold paint. So either my belt is a $10 rip-off, or a $900 relic from one of Gianni Versace's last collections.

Denim jacket is early 90s Express- I'm very pleased to find a way to wear it without looking like a cowgirl!  

Plummy lipstick from Revlon, which advertised being long-lasting. And they really mean it ..
I can't wait to get a new camera, one that's not blurry, or impossible to work with.. I took a black & white photography class in school, and approached my digital camera with a high level of (misplaced) self-confidence. I've learned that anything that applies to manual SLRs just doesn't to my digicam. In fact, I don't think it ever does the same thing twice! For now, I'm just going to pretend that the graininess is intentional. I'm going for that Polaroid-esque grainy glow. I'm one of the hip elite who just happens to have a Polaroid camera in my (extensive) collection of retro-cool gadgets. What, you don't?

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