Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Silk & Lace

Ann Taylor silk pants//cotton lace tank//colorblock bag by me

Two of my favorite fabrics right now are lace and silk. These pants are fantastic- the waist folds over and ties, which makes them more interesting. I love loose silk pants for summer, even if they're in a non-summery color. Very chic- these definitely fit into my day dream of strolling through a Florentine piazza a la A Room With a View. Or Venice, in the early evening. (I'm sure these will come out of my luggage miraculously uncreased and ready-to-wear, right?)

My initial reaction was to pair these with a tight top- I hardly ever wear two pieces of loose clothing, as it tends to swamp smaller people. I couldn't find the top I'd wanted to wear, so I went with this lace tank top. Though a bit looser, its light & airy feel was perfect to offset the heaviness of the pants, and the sheerness kept it from being overwhelming. Casual, yet a bit dressy. Perfect for an afternoon art opening, which is where I last wore this outfit!

I'm going through a lace phase at the moment (along with many others!) and have been wearing a lot more of it. I've seen some gorgeous lace pieces for fall online, so I suspect my wardrobe will be lace-heavy for the next couple months.. Once I finally break down and buy it all. The thought of layering fall blazers & jackets over lace is very appealing..

I normally tend to have an edgier style- lots of black, leather, and simpler silouettes. For some reason, as soon as april rolls around, I start buying frothy, lacey, frivolous pieces with wild abandon. I now have a handful of tops with empire waists, in pastel shades and white. Now I'm desperately trying to work out how to style them in a way that doesn't make me look like Strawberry Shortcake heading to a My Little Pony convention.. 

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