Thursday, August 8, 2013

90s Floral Dress

I wanted to share this fabulous 90s floral midi-dress with you all! I just added it to my vintage Etsy site.. Super cool! I'd wear this with a distressed denim vest, a black leather bucket bag/backpack, and wine or plum lipstick. I love this look for fall.. I fully embrace 90s style. (Dress is here.)

 In fact, grunge may be my default setting. Thankfully you can't see what I wear on a daily basis; when I'm working at home, and going on outdoor adventures. I would argue that it's so grunge, it's not recognizably stylish anymore. This is what it's like being on the cutting edge of fashion. Pioneers are often lonely. It's an uphill battle, bringing back such favorites as old-man athletic wear, my sister's 4th grade hand-me-downs, and my all-time favorite, the oversized cat sweatshirt. I exaggerate slightly. Emphasis on slightly. Another year of working at home, and I'll probably have a couple tops with puff paint graphics. 

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