Thursday, August 1, 2013

Turtleneck & Chain

My outfit from the other day.. One of my go-to summer looks.
I've had this top forever (well.. about 10 years, which in shirt years is approximately 90).
I love how basic it is- it's perfect for pairing with any statement accessories. I wore mine with matte fuchsia lipstick, and a chain & rhinestone necklace. I've seen some absolutely gorgeous, bold necklaces this summer, and I was feeling inspired to wear something eyecatching.
I was also attempting what I'm going to call the 'Alice Dellal hair flip'.. it's essentially the cop-out version of her haircut, for those of us who lack the conviction to shave half of our head. Yes, I just flipped my hair to one side. With this, there's a 50% chance you'll end up  looking more valley-girl than badass London it-girl. Facial piercings can help clear up that confusion.

I have to say, I love turtlenecks. I'm aware this puts me in the minority. It's a select club, really. Consisting of JT & Andy Samberg, Mr. Rogers, Roger Moore, carol singers, and myself. When I wear them, I like to pretend I'm some sort of European femme fatale. Please don't burst that bubble..

 There's just something so chic and streamlined about them.. I think I always imagine they look better on me than they really do. But it was particularly useful to have that high neckline the other day- I broke my bottle of foundation on the tiled bathroom floor, and ended up using a product I found hidden at the back of the cupboard. Up close, it was a horrifying mask of orange-pink spackle. Thanks to my turtleneck, there was no need to blend the stuff into my neck- and as long as I kept my hands away from my face, the heinous color wasn't so apparent.

I realize how ridiculous it is to have a sleeveless turtleneck. If it's that hot out, why would you want two layers of extra fabric around your neck? This is probably stylistically on par with girls in Ugg boots and shorts- which is something I love to complain about. Also, I have this feeling that men, especially of the under-30 set, don't understand the turtleneck. It's somewhat off-putting to them.. much like the harem pant. Perhaps it's reminiscent of maternal style? Maybe it just covers too much up. There are countless items of clothing that women like to wear, which men detest. So essentially I'm a summer turtleneck-wearing hypocrite, with man-repelling tendencies. 

Anyway, the fuchsia lipstick is brilliant, especially since it's matte.. I wish the photos did it justice! It's really much bolder in person, but you'll have to take my word for it (or go buy yourself a tube of Storm Pink by Revlon)..

xx Char

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  1. There's nothing wrong with you liking a sleeveless turtleneck. Like what you like! You can add me into the sleeveless turtleneck fan club, too. My husband loves them on me. There is no reason you can't have some coverage and still be sexy at the same time. Add in the right pants or skirt with some tall heels and, like you said, presto, chic and streamlined. I especially like the contrast between the bare arms and high collar. I think of it as a sexy yet prim-and-proper look, with some allure and intrigue. I admit it can sometimes be difficult to not fidget with the high collar if it's really hot out, but who hasn't suffered through some type of discomfort for the sake of fashion? I still like wearing it even if it takes a little effort (like high heels) and even if others can't understand how I can stand it.