Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dream Coat, Meet Dream Shoes..

My dream coat at Zara... I  came to their website looking for shoes, and was immediately side-tracked by this gorgeous wool and leather coat. Ever since Burberry began adding leather to their trench coats, I've had a fixation with classic coats sporting leather accents. Plus I'm a sucker for simple gray backgrounds.. 

Here are the dream shoes to complement the coat.. my unofficial holiday fashion wishlist.. (at semi-attainable prices)

Zara, Flat Ankle Boots With Buckles $129
Zara, Fur Blucher $89.90
Jeffrey Campbell, Alla $191.95
TwinHeartVintage, Etsy $62

OldFaithfulVintage, Etsy $43

Zara, Gold Studded Ankle Boot $129

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