Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crop Tops for Health

The American Medical Association just released the results of a massive, multi-year study. They've reached the conclusion that crop tops do in fact lead to healthier living- and they've issued a recommendation that every American incorporate a minimum of two belly-baring shirts into their wardrobe.
These medical researchers believe that the psychological pressure of having one's midsection exposed leads to subconscious lifestyle choices. If nothing else, people wearing crop tops were found to be 63% less likely to sit down on the subway, thus avoiding dreaded stomach rolls and burning calories. There was also a noted improvement in participants' posture, thought to be a result of the same fear.

The most effective style was found to be the shortest- so short that not even high-waisted American Apparel pants, hoisted to dangerous levels by your Grandfather's suspenders, will close the gap.

(These look good with a dress or tank underneath!)


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