Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thrill of the hunt.

My most recent 'thrifted' (and gifted) finds.. 
Vintage mini satchel from Ebay, semi-sheer silk blouse by Ralph Lauren, and a pair of vintage combat boots. 

The fantastic antique soda crates were given to me by a friend. I've been looking for some wooden boxes for a while, and these are absolutely perfect! From an old bottling company in Newcastle, Maine. 
The mini bag is my new favorite everyday bag.. it goes with everything, and is understated yet stylish. And it was only $10. Try not to hate me.
I love the silk shirt, partially because it's so bold, and partially because it's semi-sheer.. but I have absolutely no idea how to style it! I have a million striped tops, but don't wear them very often..

What are your best 'thrift' finds? That one item you'll always remember? (for me it's a 1980s Fendi monogram purse, which I paid .99 for when I was 12..)

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