Monday, July 22, 2013

Best of Etsy- The Secret Pal and Tala Stone


The Secret Pal 

Sheer silk blouse, handmade in Germany by The Secret Pal. Here on Etsy.

I saw this on the Etsy homepage last night, and I knew I had to feature it somehow.. These neutral earthtones look great on blondes. And are definitely underrepresented in my wardrobe. 
Something will have to be done about that! ;)
I love the oversized pockets, the sheer silk, and the contrast sleeves. This may be my perfect shirt..

More sumptuous, neutral silks from The Secret Pal. The ombre effect is stunning.



 Tala Stone

24K gold dipped quartz necklace, on an extra long chain. Handmade in LA by Tala Stone. 


I love the natural texture of this piece- it really shows off the gold and quartz.
This is one of my favorite shops for jewelry- there are dozens of unique and gorgeous necklaces, earrings and rings.

White Sparkling Druzy Ring

Enjoy! xo



  1. I love Tala Stone!! I have about 10 pieces so far.

    1. Oh me too! I've been watching the Tala Stone shop on Etsy for months now, coveting like half the store.. :p
      I haven't bought anything yet, buy I definitely will be.. It's hard for me to decide what to get.. Which is probably how you ended up with 10 pieces!
      I love supporting small designers.. for me, something handmade from quality materials represents true luxury!