Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lust 4 Danger


Fridge poem from my sister's apartment. She won a Halloween costume contest last weekend, and her prize was vampire magnetic poetry. Needless to say, many risque poems ensued- I think we may have a vampire smut novella on our hands soon.. with a slightly limited vocabulary of 250 words. But do we really need more?  

I saw a still from Lana Del Rey's new video, which really put me in the mood for some tough Americana. As if I needed any encouragement.. 

 Boots, RachelBondra on Etsy

Leather Bucket Bag, LouiseVictorias on Etsy

Leather Backpack from my Etsy

Skull Print Tank from my Etsy

The Ubiquitous Alexander Wang Diego Bag.. 

Fringe Vest, FancyThatVintage on Etsy

Leather Moto Jacket from my Etsy

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my vest! This collection is exactly what I've been leaning towards lately, as well. That cow skull tank in your shop is to die for!

    Kara of
    Fancy That Vintage