Friday, June 28, 2013

Fabric & Leather Totes

Last fall and over the winter, I went through a phase of fabric dyeing.. I really enjoyed the process and the results, although I was never able to get the same outcome twice. This is a lot like baking for me. And interestingly enough, the parallels don't stop there- both baking and dyeing will leave you with dirty pans and a completely destroyed kitchen.
Anything stainable will be stained. For weeks after, I hesitated to interact with strangers- it looked as if I was suffering from some rare skin disorder of the extremities. When they recommend you wear gloves, they do mean it..

Here's a tote bag I made from some of the canvas I dip-dyed, then paired with pebbled veg-tan leather and brass rivets. (no longer available, but I will be making something similar in the next few weeks..)

Here's another tote I made using a similar design- this is a gorgeous, slubby material, with subtly contrasting stripes.. I'm not sure I should advertise this, but it's actually french towelling- this is woven for dish towels and other kitchen linens. Perfect for bags, as it's quite narrow..

Available here

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